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Eden McCutcheon Tirl

I am the creator and Executive Editor of notablySmitten.  A proud Minnesota girl, former fashion model, current writer of memoir, enthusiastic human...and American Academy of Dramatic Arts graduate. 

I wish for a kinder world, where our girls are encouraged to rise to their fullest potential. A world where people extend a helping hand whenever the opportunity presents itself. I also dream of reading the paper on Sundays again...and the ability to be more tolerant of calamitous grammar.


Tawny Ramirez

How convenient was it that when it came time to write this bio, I forgot everything about myself. *sighs* Typical. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and yes, I consume too many avocados in a single day. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in Social Media. I’m a content creator, I like to tell stories with my work. When it comes to fashion, beauty, fitness, and love - there is no limit.


Fun facts: I’m a sassy 5 foot 2 girl who will never stop eating tacos, enjoys a spicy margarita, and loves to spread compassion to everyone around me. I enjoy the little things in life and I commit to being my authentic self every single day. Don’t be shy, let’s be friends: @tawny.ramirezz

“Welcome Tawny - we are so fortuitous to have you!” ~ Eden


Silvana Gargione


Silvana Gargione is a freelance writer and contributor to notablySmitten.  Silvana practices yoga daily, loves noodles in any form, and is most proud of her gardening accomplishments.  Her religion is Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  She is an Emerson College graduate, and the author of the children's book, St Lawrence ABCs.  Follow her on social media:@ilvanasay.

"Silvana is a complete superstar!" ~ Eden