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philanthropic pencil packs - KITE

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Since Halloween is around the corner, I can’t help but think of the year my mother began to hand out pencils instead of candy to the little monsters ringing our big brass doorbell. I remember being slightly embarrassed initially, but came around to understanding her choice...and thinking it was very cool.

I’m not suggesting my above anecdote this Halloween, however...I do love the idea of KITE pencil packs for stocking stuffers and secret Santa exchanges in December. It would also be a great gift from teacher to student...providing a perfect opportunity to teach about giving back and philanthropy.

KITE (Kids Inspiring Tomorrow's Education) is a school supply company that gives back based on a "one-for-one" model. For every pencil pack purchased, KITE provides one to a child in need. Hard to believe, 13 million kids in the US don’t have access to basic school supplies, with millions more children around the world facing the same issue.  

KITE is starting with pencils but hopes to develop a full line of school supplies, and help make the image of an education a reality for children around the world.  They give both domestically and internationally and partner with organizations and schools on the ground to distribute supplies.  

Totally Smitten.