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beautiful black birds - The Bird Project

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The (exquisite) Bird Project soap was born in 2010, after the extraordinarily tragic BP spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Tippy Tippens, a design expert and social entrepreneur, was living in New York at the time of the catastrophe and felt the desire to help. After many visits, she decided to relocate to New Orleans and start her (very cool) business, Matter Inc.

Matter Inc. is devoted to “making the world a better place by making meaningful products that matter.”

These delicate, black, bird-shaped soaps are made with natural, locally sourced ingredients: biodiesel glycerin, fair trade olive oil, aloe, activated black charcoal, and exude a light cypress scent…evocative of the bayous of Louisiana.

Soon, wash after wash, the black bird melts away to reveal a white, ceramic memento, handmade by Louisiana Clay.  A marvelous symbol of the creatures affected…a lasting token of life, restoration and hope.

The best part is that 50% of the profits go towards the Gulf Restoration Network and International Bird Rescue.

The artistry of the bird…to be cradled in the hand, caressed and cleansed is just brilliant symbolism and an extraordinary literal expression.

I am Smitten with these sumptuous soaps.