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seriously spectacular - Warby Parker

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I can't possibly write any more about this genius company that hasn't already been written, so I'm going to keep it simple:

Simply put, Warby Parker is a singular, stylish, spirited and socially conscious brand of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, American made and founded in 2010 by Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, David Gilboa, and Jeffrey Raider.

While in college together, they collectively agreed that glasses were costly. With some research they discovered that the eyewear industry was dominated by one company that could keep prices high and reap egregious profits. They wanted to create an alternative. The goal became: completely affordable rebellious prices...while paving a way for socially conscious business practices.


Slightly less than a billion of the world's population lack access to prescription eyewear. To help with this statistic, Warby Parker partnered with not-for-profit VisionSpring, that distribute a pair of glasses to a person in need for every pair sold.

This is just a truly magnificent, beacon of a company.