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for the boys! - State Dopp Kits

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This is a distinguished, graceful, tidy dopp kit for the guys...The Jay, a truly perfect gift. As I am always on the look out for something special for my man, this wool and canvas combo bag from STATE is going to be next on the shopping list.

Brooklyn based STATE, is a partnership between husband and wife duo, Scot and Jacqueline Tatelman, created after watching untold amounts of kids carrying their possessions in trash bags to and from school.

STATE Bags is a company that promises to not only deliver a new backpack, but to also provide kids with tools to reach their fullest potential and better their communities...and to always have their backs.

This philanthropic duo is committed to addressing the needs of American children living with challenging circumstances.

For every STATE bag purchased, STATE hand-delivers a backpack, packed with essential tools for success, to a child in need.

STATE Bags is proud to be a Benefit Corporation. Benefit Corporations are companies that create public significance by having a positive impact on society.