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As this has been such an outstanding year of growth for notablySmitten, and I am filled to the brim with gratitude and joy...I feel the last posting must be a knockout!

And so I present Conscious Magazine...a totally hip, socially conscious, well-designed, connected, lifestyle based magazine. It is positive, empowering and making a real impact.

The heart of the magazine is storytelling, community, collaboration and education.

Conscious features global conversations, advocate narratives, creative ideas, innovative solutions, inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs and educators, conscious culture and much more.

Chalk full of stories that galvanize, educate, and drive action.

Their Manifesto: "We care about global, local, and individual concerns. We believe great moments are born from acknowledging and acting upon opportunity. We are passionary agents of change, pioneers of benevolent innovation, and instigators of empowerment who seek the good of those around us. We believe everyone has a voice and the power to make a difference."

As we close 2015, and focus on the new year ahead, this is an incredible resource to stay connected to others seeking ways to make the world a more dynamic, compassionate and wonderful place to live.

Conscious is in print and sold in Barnes & Noble stores nationwide. They also have a daily updated website.

Altogether Smitten.