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fragrant integrity - The 7 Virtues

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So I am a little late to this party...but currently completely mad for Canadian Company, The 7 Virtues. Make Perfume Not War is their mission...creating perfumes using raw materials sourced from communities in Afghanistan and other war-torn areas, including Haiti, Rwanda and the Middle East, that are working to rebuild themselves.

Creator and CEO Barb Stegemann wanted to offer farmers in Afghanistan a financially viable alternative to growing illegal poppy crops, that create hazards both in their communities and our own.

So, The 7 Virtues sources all essential oils from their supplier/farmers in Afghanistan, who then are able to provide seasonal employment for their tribes and communities, to create Afghanistan Orange Blossom and Noble Rose of Afghanistan.

As the company has grown, they have found suppliers in Haiti (where the Vetiver oil is considered the best in the world) to create Vetiver of Haiti.

Patchouli of Rwanda combines soothing green hibiscus, red grapefruit, cedar flower and freesia notes to compliment the earthy patchouli harvested by adult orphans and widows of the genocide.

The Middle East Peace fragrance, which blends the sweetie grapefruit essential oil from the Sharon Region of Israel with lime & basil essential oils from the Fars Province of Iran, was inspired by the wildly successful "We Love You Iran/Israel" campaign.

All fragrances are vegan, phthalate and paraben free.

Brilliantly Smitten.