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home spun fair trade - Oimei

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This is a truly gorgeous pillow! Made of homespun cloth, decorated with traditional Akha embroidery, created by hill tribe artisans in the North of Thailand...which would be a lovely gift for friend, or self!

After traveling to Bangkok in 2010 to study, Aimi Duong found her trip growing from four months to sixteen. She traveled through Thailand, and most of Southeast Asia, where she witnessed poverty firsthand. She met some amazing, hardworking, tenacious women...struggling to live dignified lives. Deeply inspired, Aimi decided to start her own social enterprise.

Oimei was founded in 2012 with the mission to sell fair trade pillows and home decor. Supporting rural artisans by providing them access to new markets gives them the opportunity to be self-sustainable and empowers these women to rise above poverty.

Oi Mei is Aimi's name in Chinese and means “love beauty.” The name was given to Aimi by her eldest sister who passed away in 2009.

Oi Mei was created as a lasting celebration of my sister’s life and serves as a constant reminder to embrace all the beauty around us.

Smitten with Aimi and Oimei.