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in philly?...Rosa's Fresh Pizza!

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A simple, friendly, loving gesture = how we might save ourselves, and the planet.

Mason Wartman, spent three years on Wall Street...then he left to open Rosa's Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia.

Rosa's serves hot, cheesy, yummy slices of pie to their regulars...those with homes, and those without.

Not like any other pizza shop, colorful Post-its cover the walls and each note represents a free slice of pizza, paid for by other customers.

Homeless can come into Rosa's and exchange one of the Post-its for a free slice.

So far, Rosa’s has given away 9,000 slices.

Wartman says he didn’t come up with helping the homeless, rather he just wanted to provide a place to grab a $1 slice, like you could in New York. It was his customers who came up with paying it dollar and slice at a time.

Rosa’s serves about 40 homeless customers every day and each patron is recognized like any other paying customer.

Wartman says he named his restaurant after his mother, Rose..."I think she's proud.”

Daily, directly, openly, gently helping one another...this is the world in which we all want to live in.

This business model truly knocks my socks off! Well, well done Mason!

Absolutely Smitten.