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campfires, candles and clean water - Obakki

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I'm from Minnesota, where there is nothing more reminiscent of home, or comforting to my senses, as the scent of a smoldering campfire.

Creating that scent in Southern California, without a fireplace, is virtually impossible. But Treana Peake has created a candle that if I close my eyes, takes me right back to Kabekona Lake in July.

The Obakki Cinder Candle smells of roasted coals, river stones and dry wood...and when purchased, helps provide clean water in other parts of the world.

100% of all candle proceeds go toward Obakki projects.

Treana Peake is an avid traveler and leading humanitarian, and founded Obakki in 2005. Based in Vancouver, the luxury label is an extension of Peake. The Obakki Foundation is Obakki's philanthropic counterpart, a registered charity that focuses on providing clean water and education in Africa.

Obakki absorbs all the administrative fees of the charity, allowing 100% of the foundation's donations to go directly to its charitable initiatives.

So Smitten!