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jewels brimming with good will - Fortuned Cuture

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I am so incredibly grateful for the inspiration and energy that the companies and organizations I write about enkindle in me.

Fortuned Culture, founded by Eritrean American entrepreneur, Azie Tesfai, is a recent revelation. An incomparable jewelry line with good will intentions of hope and change for the world. 

Each of her collections reflects the culture of its collaborating charity, while symbolizing what the charity hopes to achieve. Fortuned Culture is currently working with the Fregenet Foundation in Ethiopia, that provide early childhood education to children from lower income families. They also work with Corazon de Vida in Mexico, whose work supports orphanages in Baja.

This article features her Health Bracelet, priced at $30. This splendid, delicate adornment will feed a child in an Ethiopian school, 65 meals! She wants to remind consumers that they can make a difference with every dollar they spend, "Why not buy something beautiful and help feed a group of children."

Through the farsightedness of Fortuned Culture, the consumer has an observable way of connecting to a charity and the goals it seeks.

The team at FC, tell each culture’s story beautifully, giving the consumer an insight into the impact that their contribution will have.

I am Smitten with this collaboration of charity and art!

[All of Azie Tesfai's hard work caught the attention of TOMS, and Fortuned Culture is now a part of TOMS Marketplace - ever working to change the consumer’s perspective on spending.]