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bead and leather wrap bangle - Global Good Partners

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Pretty. Elegant. Shimmery. Dress your well-worn jean shorts and unblemished white t-shirt with this gorgeous triple wrap bangle. These brilliant beads stand brilliantly on their own, no need for stacking here.

Your purchase supports and empowers deaf artisans in Kenya.

~ Czech glass beads, locally sourced leather, brass (stamped charm)

~ 1/4" W, adjustable length 20", 21", 32"

~ Wraps 3 times

Both professionals in International Development, it was part of Catherine Lieber Shimony and Joan Shifrin's job to travel to impoverished areas around the world to see what could be improved. What they began to witness over and over again, were creative, energized women producing magnifient handmade goods...yet, they lacked any access to sustainable markets in which to sell their products.

Catherine and Joan had witnessed women in marginalized communities throughout Asia, Africa, and the US being able to advance the wellness of their families when their income was stabilized. In 2005, the friends founded Global Goods Partners to create a practical pathway for women to generate income opportunities and gain access into the consumer marketplace for handmade, fair trade merchandise.

Global Goods Partners (GGP) is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to alleviating poverty and promoting social justice and empowers women to create sustainable change.