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brotherly love! - Ben Kelly Surfboards

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Though I have lived in Southern California for many years...I have never been on a surfboard. But I have spent countless hours (waking up way too early,) to hang on the sand while boyfriends bobbed in the water, waiting for that perfect ride. The board was essential...and I learned a lot through the years...

I am so happy to write about Ben Kelly Surfboards, they are exquisite! Each board is beautifully handcrafted...and gorgeous. He has been operating out of Orange County, CA since 2007, and offers the surfer a unique experience when purchasing a board.

Whatever you require...whatever you can conjure...Ben Kelly can deliver.

Creating surfboards to your personal design and specifications. Working with you, they will take your ideas and make them a reality.

"You dream it, I'll shape it," says Ben. So start dreaming!

And Ben Kelly Surfboards has a much grander purpose. 50% of all profits made from each surfboard are donated to nonprofit organizations aimed at sustainable business development in Kenya.

Their mission is to use their passion for surfing to fuel the dreams of others!

Awesomely Smitten!