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a winsome, conscious carry-all - Future Glory Mini Bucket Bag

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The Walking Rock Mini Bucket Bag from Future Glory is the quintessential, new age traveler shoulder bag.  It is beautifully handcrafted from Pendleton wool, dapper and jazzy in design, and comes from a socially conscious company focused on celebrating skills and creating new opportunities for women.

As an all-female founded and operated company, Future Glory’s commitment to supporting and celebrating women is all encompassing.  Their primary focus is the local impact of their products - handcrafted in San Francisco, each design is created from by-products of the food industry, are locally sourced, and support local charitable organizations.  

In addition to their commitment to local commerce, they are adamantly in support of rebuilding the lives of women who have been forced into human trafficking and victims of domestic violence.  To this end, they financially support four local women’s organizations in the Bay Area with proceeds from sales.  Future Glory also hosts an Apprenticeship program in their Bay Area workshop, giving women in difficult situations the skills, opportunities, and financial independence necessary to improve their lives on their own terms.

Empowered and Smitten.