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the perfect spring bridesmaids gift - Cleopatra Earrings

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Mela Artisans’ gold and turquoise Cleopatra Earrings are fit for a queen!   I love that they are completely handmade, as well as their slightly retro shape, bold color palette, and traditional elegance!

After a life-long appreciation for the handcrafted goods and jewelry from India, father-daughter duo Navroze S. Mehta and Sonali Mehta Rao recognized a growing problem for indigenous artisans - the ability to market their products and sustain their livelihood.  After reading one too many articles about artisans trading their time-honored skills for unskilled laborer jobs in large cities, Mela Artisans was created as a platform to connect these craftsman to the global market, as well as preserve the traditional methods necessary to create these handicrafts. 

In addition to this mission, Mela gives 1% of sales back to the artisans’ communities.  This fund provides basic needs for these artisans to succeed as independent entrepreneurs, such as medical care for their families or solar energy for improved workshop lighting.

Mela translates to ‘Festival’ in Hindi, and I couldn’t agree more - their products come together as a true festival of beautiful handmade goods!