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good girl gifts - Anekdot

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Beautiful designs and an innovative approach to creation make Anekdot a notablySmitten favorite!

Pictured here is the Cherry Blossom Set. Sheer, pink and perfect.

Anekdot is an innovative and unique company that approaches fashion and creativity in a totally revolutionary way.  Rather than designing undergarments and seeking textiles to fulfill those visions, they focus first on the fabrics and allow those vintage and reclaimed textiles to dictate the designs and collections.  

The result of this process is a beautiful collection of bras, knickers and loungewear that leaves a significantly smaller ecological footprint by minimizing waste and shifting the fashion industry’s level of responsibility. 

Anekdot turns left-behinds and leftovers into beautiful, wearable collections!  

Forward-thinking...We're Smitten.