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joy and the summer lovin' necklace - The Shine Project

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The Summer Lovin Necklace Stack from The Shine Project is the perfect accompaniment to a sundress or beachy outfit.  We love it when doing good, looking good and feeling good are all wrapped into one great accessory!

The Shine Project’s jewelry line was born from blogger Ashley LeMieux’s desire to provide scholarships for her under-prepared and potentially college-bound mentees.  What started as a group of students making friendship bracelets in Ashley’s condo - initially called Threads by The Shine Project - has grown into a full fledged for-profit company with a beautiful line of accessories.  Thier mission is to provide scholarships, life experience, employment and mentoring to teens who otherwise would not have the resources to seek higher education.  Since 2011, The Shine Project has provided over 40 Scholarships, and currently employs 11 inner city students at their Phoenix, Arizona workspace.  In addition to the support from product purchases, 100% of direct donations go to providing books and supplies to their scholarship recipients. 

Shine on! Smitten.