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tribe and transformation - the bloomerie

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This t-shirt says it all - TRIBE.

I couldn't relate more to the genesis of this company...a sweet tale of the birth of true friendship. Makes me think of my friend Shannon - who I could not live without!

Nicole Matthews and Niki Corbin met on a playground, where their girls bonded over a young Justin Bieber. They found it easy to talk to one another and became fast friends. Over time, there were more play dates, tears, chocolate, always coffee...and a deep connection was made. "She believed in me, and I believed in her. And together our dreams became possible." 

Soon they made the bloomerie, their dream together - a reality.

the bloomerie is about collaboration. "It's about women moving beyond their insecurities and knowing that they can." 

Every month the bloomerie releases a new t-shirt design inspired by the stories of female entrepreneurs that are doing good and paying it forward. They give $5 of each sale to that month's company and cause.

Building a business on friendship...I absolutely love it!

Nichole says "Value the friends who love on you and believe in you. They're your tribe." I agree indeed!

I believe in finding one's tribe - I'm Smitten.