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bright sunshine-y bold bangle - Tuli

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Spring is almost here and the color pop of Tuli’s Avery bracelet will cheer up even the gloomiest of winter mornings! This bracelet features 5 strings of paper beads, first delicately hand rolled and then varnished and painted, creating one gorgeous accent piece.

Handmade by women in Uganda, Tuli fair trade jewelry is primarily created from recycled paper beads. Each purchase goes directly to Uganda to fight poverty and empower the women involved with steady income and fair, livable wages.  A regular income brings a long-term and lasting solution to poverty.  

For some perspective, Tuli notes that one Avery bracelet will provide enough income to send a child to school for two weeks.  For more info on Tuli’s impact and mission, check this out...

We think that’s one meaningful bracelet!