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a honeymoon for your face - Farmacy

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Honeymoons aren’t exclusively for newlyweds anymore. Thanks to Farmacy Beauty, their Honeymoon Glow is a gift from the honey gods. This resurfacing night serum is packed with 14% flower acids to exfoliate and clarify while the blend of hyaluronic acid and honey hydrate your skin. It’s tough but gentle for even the most sensitive skin types. Certified as clean beauty, this bottle is full of magic. It’s so good, I’m already on my second bottle!

Farmacy Beauty was founded by Mark Veeder. The sustainable company prides themselves in their farm – to – face skincare line featuring a unique Echinacea GreenEnvy, a plant containing more than 300% natural antioxidants. Their ingredients are both locally sourced and produced, making sure the company does its part in being environmentally responsible. Their packaging is made from FSC Certified Paper and their jars are 100% recyclable.

How Smitten!!!