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miracles do happen - N:P Beautiful

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What’s worse than dry, damaged hair? Nothing, the answer is nothing. So how can you save your tresses without chopping them off? It’ll only take a miracle which is where N:P Beautiful’s Miracle Serum steps in. Formulated for every hair type, this unique serum is rich in moringa oil and lotus root in order to help replenish your hair. It’s made without parabens, sulfates, and it’s not tested on animals. Miracles do happen!

N:P Beautiful was founded as a philanthropic company, honoring its core values and beliefs. 10% of their proceeds are donated to charities that support cancer research, such as Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The company also donates to charities who are fighting to end animal cruelty such as ASPCA. Philanthropy and good hair make a good team!

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