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ward off evil - AWE Inspired

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Who can ward off evil better than Medusa herself? Inspired by one of the most feared women in mythology, AWE Inspired created their Medusa Coin Necklace to help ward off any evil eyes thrown your way. Handcrafted in New York City, it’s made with 14k yellow gold vermeil and features a lobster claw clasp. Medusa looks good on you!

Jill Johnson, a three time cancer survivor, is the founder of AWE Inspired. She created AWE in order to offer you meaningful, timeless pieces that give back. With every purchase, AWE will donate 10% to one (out of four) charity partners of your choosing. It’s the perfect gift that does good for others!

creative arts - Public Supply

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Writing things down helps you remember important things and keep track of your daily to - do lists. Public Supply’s notebooks are a bit different. Their Embossed Pocket Notebooks are acid free and FSC Certified, featuring 48 dot or ruled pages, and 10% Post Consumer Waste.

Public Supply is a for – profit company that donates a percentage of their sales to teachers in public schools. Their mission is to help students thrive in their creativity by helping them fund for art supplies in their schools. With budget cuts affecting schools’ creative arts departments, it was important for them to help students have access to the materials they need such as paint, paper, markers, etc. 

peace, love, forgiveness - Yoko Ono for Illy

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I have loved Yoko Ono from the moment I understood who she was. Her unabashed willingness to be vulnerable and share her personal journey through her art and design is praiseworthy. I admire her transparency and ability to champion on behalf of her own spirit and its evolution.

The process of healing is a daunting one. I cannot imagine what she endured the days, months and years following John Lennon's death. But through her inspirational work, she shows us the possibility of celebrating the process of healing and starting over.

These espresso cups designed by Yoko Ono for Illy, were inspired by the Japanese Kintsugi method of repairing broken pottery using powdered metals mixed with water and lacquer. The fine gold lines mimic a cracked effect on the cup, and each saucer features a sentence marking a shattering event in modern history. Thus, interrelating broken objects to physical wounds and emotional loss.

The set of seven ($250) are available at the MoMA design shop. They include the My Lai Massacre (March 16, 1968), the bombing of Dresden during World War II (Feb. 13, 1945) and John Lennon’s death in New York (Dec. 8, 1980).

The set includes one plain white cup, with a saucer bearing the words “This cup will never be broken as it will be under your protection"...beautiful.

This collection is timed to debut with the occasion of the artist's exhibit Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960–1971 at MoMA that began on May 17th and continues through September 7th.

*Though I do not see any indication that any of the proceeds of these cups are going to any specific organization, I know fully that Ms. Ono's continued dedication to World Peace is inspiration enough for her artwork to be included in this catalogue.

Yes, Smitten.

for the love of elephants - The Elephant Art Gallery

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What a unique and creative idea...Elephant paintings! These 9000 pound elephants create rare and striking works of art at The Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC) in Lampang, Thailand.

The TECC is 19 years old and works in elephant conservation science. They are focused primarily on the care and wellness of Thailand’s elephants, 2,700 of which live on private grounds. They operate an onsite hospital and Thailand's first mobile clinic, which treats sick and injured elephants free of charge.

Asian elephants are an endangered species. If something isn't done to halt the rapid decline in numbers, it is likely that within the next 50 years, this amazing creature will be gone forever.

The TECC in conjunction with The Elephant Art Gallery (TEAG) found a genius solution with Elephant art...selling paintings in order to raise awareness and funds for the preservation of this endangered species.

While the elephants are painting, they are unaided in the creative process by humans. Elephants understand spatial awareness and are able to apply strokes within the confines of the paper.

Each piece is original...and a blessing.

This painting was created by Thanwa. Glorious. This painting being sold through Design With Benefits.

These are cool. I am Smitten.