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travelling just got easier - Beis

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There’s nothing worse than dragging your heavy luggage around only to realize you’ve overpacked. Those overweight fees are no laughing matter. Beis has come to solve all of your problems with their new Check-In Roller. The luggage is water-resistant, featuring a unique built-in weight indicator, a retractable bag attach strap, and Hinomoto 360 wheels for easy travel. You can now travel without the stress of overpacking and without having to drag a cumbersome suitcase. Beis saves the day!

Beis was founded by Shay Mitchell. The lifestyle brand was created to make travel easier and to make sure you look stylish doing so. Their designs are both beautiful AND functional. Beis supports Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation that focuses on educating young girls around the world. 

We’re internationally Smitten!

baby blues - Angela Roi

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Angela Roi combines beauty and compassion with their range of bags. Their Grace Mini Cross-Body bag was made to be the perfect everyday bag. Available in five colors, the bag is handcrafted, cruelty – free, and sweatshop – free. Both the leather and chain straps are detachable, allowing you to change up its look to your liking. 

Angela Roi was founded in 2013 by Angela and Roi Lee. Together, they created a brand with a vision to bring ethical, luxury pieces to life. Each bag is handcrafted, consisting of high quality and durable materials. With each purchase they support local humane shelters and charities to help injured and mistreated animals. They built their brand to inspire kindness and compassion towards animals.

sage for spring - Tribe Alive

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The Bitty Crossbody Bag from Tribe Alive is probably the cutest bag you’ll own. Made to fit your essentials, the bag is handmade in India featuring waterproof suede and an adjustable shoulder strap. It’s also available in black and in this beautiful sage suede color that makes it perfect for warmer weather.

Tribe Alive was founded by Carly Burson. Since then she has been committed to using her brand as a way to help those in developing countries get out of poverty. She built relationships with female artisans in Guatemala, India, Haiti, and Honduras to provide you with high quality goods. In exchange, the artisans gain a fair wage and a safe working environment. 

We’re delightfully Smitten!

lunchables - FEED

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FEED is bringing out the kid in you with their new Lunch Box. It features a cotton exterior, a wipeable interior, and a zip closure. FEED gives you the opportunity to pack your lunch and snacks for a great cause. With each purchase, you’ll be providing a young child with a school meal. 

FEED was founded by Lauren Pierce Bush in 2007. After witnessing child hunger, she created a lifestyle brand that allows people to change the world with their purchases. Each FEED product you buy has a number featured on it that represents the amount of school meals provided with your purchase. As of today, FEED has been able to provide over 100 million school meals (and counting) thanks to you.

bag full of promise - STATE Bags

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Backpacks are crucial for maximalists who seem to carry a whole other world with them, much like me. That’s why STATE’s Kane backpack is more than perfect because we’re able to carry everything our hearts desire. Made of 100% leather, it features many compartments to fit your laptop, books, makeup, etc. It’s chic and will compliment any outfit.

STATE Bags was founded by Scot and Jacq Tatelman. The beautiful thing about the company is the way they give back. With every backpack sold, they provide young kids with their very own backpack filled with tools they’ll need to succeed!

the perfect accessory - Society B

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Just like shoes, a girl can never have too many totes. Society B offers the Mamuye Tote. Handcrafted in Ethiopia, it’s made from real leather and is available in three colors. 10% of the final sale will be donated to a nonprofit of your choosing.

Society B was founded by Kelli Byers and Lindsay Byers-Hirth in 2015. They strictly wanted to only offer products that will benefit society in the long run. They partner with multiple nonprofits that include Water.Org, Action Against Hunger, and Kids in Need Foundation, and Preemptive Love Coalition in an effort to change the world and make a difference.

literacy matters - Out of Print

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It seems that I read more books now than I did when I was in school. I guess I’m a rebel that way. Out of Print sells famous literature books fit for every bookworm, but they don’t only sell books. They also sell apparel, bags, and home accents featuring artwork from different literature pieces. What makes this company different from others is the fact that for every purchase made, they donate a book to a literacy program in communities around the world. 

Out of Print was founded in 2010 with the sole purpose to showcase the importance of literature. They give bookworms the opportunities to not only read their favorite books but to wear them as well. They want to make sure that every child gets the opportunity to learn how to read, which is what sets this company apart from other bookstores. They care about giving back and they do so with each purchase.

How Smitten!!!

Tote Project

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Plastic is earth’s true enemy. Tote Project’s Free to Soar tote is perfect answer to reducing our plastic use- especially when grocery shopping. Made in India, the company offers a variety of designs and it’s made with fair trade cotton. Their artwork is printed with water-based inks so they’re made to last.

Tote Project was founded by two friends, Faye Grant and Michelle Chavez. Together, they work to help and empower victims of modern-day slavery. 10% of their profits is donated to Two Wings, an organization that helps sex trafficking victims pursue their dreams through mentorships and career training workshops.


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Olori is a company that finally agrees with my royal status (I’m extra, I know). They offer crossbody bags made from durable leather, featuring adjustable straps and a flap made from a special Nigerian textile. Olori is the Yoruba word for Queen, which is why they state that each piece is made for a queen- how fitting! The bags are available in nine different colors and textures.

Founded by Tomide Awe, she believes every girl is a queen. Education is expensive in Africa. Unfortunately, many girls cannot afford school which is why each bag that’s sold provides tuition fees for a girl living in Africa.


beauty and the beach bag - Indego Africa

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Indego Africa is a non-profit that pairs a NYC-based design team with female artisans in Rwanda and Ghana to create stylish and expertly crafted goods.  All of their goods are created by hand using traditional techniques of weaving, block printing, beading, embroidery, wood carving, and metal shaping. A classic example of the highly-skilled sweetgrass weaving technique can be found in the gorgeous and versatile Palm Tote! Perfect for beach days or a trip to the market, the Palm Tote is a beautiful way to make a statement with your accessory while renewing your commitment to help break the cycle of poverty.

Founded in 2007, Indego Africa believes that education is the key to long-term empowerment.  To that end, they are committed to providing fair wages as well as leadership training, business classes, technology workshops, and public health programs to the artisans they partner with to create Indego Africa’s designs.  100% of their profits, combined with grants and private donations, go back to the artisan’s communities. As of 2017, they have positively impacted 1,100 women in Rwanda and Ghana.

Indeed Smitten!

this chic chevron clutch for Spring - Tribe Alive

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Tribe Alive’s Chevron Clutch is as beautiful as it is useful - and not just for carrying your phone and lipstick on a night out.  Each of Tribe Alive’s products are designed and made by women in safe studio work environments for fair wages, which means your new clutch continues pays it forward long after your purchase.

With partnerships across Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India and Forth Worth, Texas, Tribe Alive teams up with female artisans to bring you a gorgeous collection that reflects each country's’ unique culture and handiwork - all to support upward mobility, reliable incomes, and stability for these female artisans’ and their families.  We love supporting any organization that provides a platform for women to help women!

So Smitten!

a winsome, conscious carry-all - Future Glory Mini Bucket Bag

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The Walking Rock Mini Bucket Bag from Future Glory is the quintessential, new age traveler shoulder bag.  It is beautifully handcrafted from Pendleton wool, dapper and jazzy in design, and comes from a socially conscious company focused on celebrating skills and creating new opportunities for women.

As an all-female founded and operated company, Future Glory’s commitment to supporting and celebrating women is all encompassing.  Their primary focus is the local impact of their products - handcrafted in San Francisco, each design is created from by-products of the food industry, are locally sourced, and support local charitable organizations.  

In addition to their commitment to local commerce, they are adamantly in support of rebuilding the lives of women who have been forced into human trafficking and victims of domestic violence.  To this end, they financially support four local women’s organizations in the Bay Area with proceeds from sales.  Future Glory also hosts an Apprenticeship program in their Bay Area workshop, giving women in difficult situations the skills, opportunities, and financial independence necessary to improve their lives on their own terms.

Empowered and Smitten.

a perfect carry-all - Apolis Los Angeles Tote

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The Los Angeles Bag from Apolis is the perfect accessory to a Sunday farmer’s market adventure in Los Angeles.  This stylish, causal, reusable tote is a true tribute to Apolis’ lifestyle brand, as well as a nod to their LA Arts District studio location. 

When brother duo Raan and Shea Parton named their company Apolis, meaning “global citizen”, they sent a clear message about their commitment to global advocacy.  Founded in 2004 with the idea that business can create social change, they now have grown into a group of entrepreneurs with the same vision.  Their “Advocacy through Industry” business model ensures that they source and manufacture locally, while still keeping a global perspective on impact and change.  Apolis is also proud to be certified as a B Corporation, which is awarded to organizations that hold high standards of social and economic performance, transparency, and accountability. 

Smitten on a global scale!

love blooming...josefina pouch - Mercado Global

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This gorgeous pouch pops with color and texture! I love the hand-embroidered traditional pattern against the modern black leather found on the Josefina Pouch

Sparked by an idea when working with artisans in rural Latin America, founder Ruth DeGolia began Mercado Global while still a student at Yale.  In 2004, Mercado Global recieved a start-up grant from Echoing Green, and has exponentially grown over the last 11 years into a globally recognized company with a powerful mission: empower indigenous women to overcome poverty and become agents of change in their communities.

Mercado’s mission is two-fold.  First, it provided business education to talented female artisans so that they can grow their skills into a business.  Secondly, it connects these indigenous women to global markets to sell their products on a large scale, which in turn empowers them to support their families and provide more opportunities for their children. Over time, this model pulls entire communities out of the poverty cycle.

Mercado Global has partnered with over 400 women across Guatamala!  This hard work translates into beautiful products supporting a beautiful cause.

Totally Smitten!

100% vegan weekender bag for the boys - Matt & Nat

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My husband travels A LOT!! He's in the film industry and finds traveling with a backpack (as carry-on,) works best for him. Well, this is going to be under the tree this year, and I'm confident he'll be rockin' this re-cycled, polished, super hip Artigan bag from Matt & Nat in 2016.

100% vegan, up-cycled materials, superior craftsmanship, ideally designed...for both men and women.

notablySmitten first introduced Matt & Nat in May of this year, and we are still crazy about them.

Utterly Smitten.

for the boys! - State Dopp Kits

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This is a distinguished, graceful, tidy dopp kit for the guys...The Jay, a truly perfect gift. As I am always on the look out for something special for my man, this wool and canvas combo bag from STATE is going to be next on the shopping list.

Brooklyn based STATE, is a partnership between husband and wife duo, Scot and Jacqueline Tatelman, created after watching untold amounts of kids carrying their possessions in trash bags to and from school.

STATE Bags is a company that promises to not only deliver a new backpack, but to also provide kids with tools to reach their fullest potential and better their communities...and to always have their backs.

This philanthropic duo is committed to addressing the needs of American children living with challenging circumstances.

For every STATE bag purchased, STATE hand-delivers a backpack, packed with essential tools for success, to a child in need.

STATE Bags is proud to be a Benefit Corporation. Benefit Corporations are companies that create public significance by having a positive impact on society.


right-sized, go-to make-up bag - All Across Africa

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This is just a simply perfect gift for any pal in your life that deserves a little pick-me-up. It's bright, colorful, chic, and functional. Would make a divine gift for bridesmaids as well...filled with all their favorite beauty effects!

 ·      Approximately 5” X 4”

·      African cotton print fabric with plastic liner

·      Made in Burundi

These right-sized, go-to bags are made with pride by youth from the north of Burundi, trained to create income for their families and future. 

All Across Africa is a Benefit Corporation. A new, revolutionary class of corporation, working to create a positive impact on society and the environment without losing sight of their bottom line.

It's a healthy, sustainable business model, which does not rely solely on fundraising and donations.

Their work reaches deep into rural villages in the under-served areas of rural Africa, providing artisans with a "market bundle" that includes education, finance, materials, training and market access.

While financial aid has many benefits, All Across Africa believes providing jobs and promoting self-sufficiency, creates a true partnership between the artisans and the market.

"It allows us to offer training to create the highest quality product so that each season there is a market for their outstanding workmanship."

Smitten again!!

vegan goodness - Matt & Nat

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I would be totally remiss to not include Matt & Nat (Vegan handbags) on my shopping blog at this stage! I've recently been looking for a new summer bag...I truly have found nothing I feel good about purchasing. Then I came across this red cross body from Matt & Nat...sold!

Founded by Montreal-based designer Inder Bedi in 1997, Matt & Nat offer sophisticated styles, a delicious palette of colors, and environmentally conscious, well-designed vegan handbags to the world of fashion.

The name is inspired by MAT(T)erial and NATure, and “means exploring the synergy between the two, the reflection of one on the other."

“At Matt & Nat, we live by a simple motto, ‘Live beautifully’. Living beautifully means appreciating the humanity, creativity and positivity found in all of us. Our values include social responsibility, excellence, inclusiveness, integrity, learning, authenticity, and, of course, love. We are inspired by the textures and hues of nature, and to better protect it, we aim to constantly better our ways.”

Crafted from smooth Vegan leather and lined with 100% recycled plastic bottles, the entire Matt & Nat line is good for animals, the planet, and us two legged creatures as well.

The concern for sustainability is evident in their manufacturing process and their usage of sustainable materials such as rubber and cork. You can read about their ethics & sustainability practices here.

I am entirely Smitten with Matt & Nat's genius craftsmanship and inspirational business practices!!

Check them out on social media...they've got a lot to share! 

socially conscious since 2007- FEED

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I cannot do a blog about conscious gifts and giving and not write about Lauren Bush Lauren, who had the brilliant idea in 2007 of founding FEED

As an Honorary Student Spokesperson for the World Food Programme she had witnessed the effects of hunger firsthand and decided FEED’s mission would be: "Creating Good Products That Help FEED the World."

The conscious company’s first creation was the FEED 1 Bag, a reversible burlap and organic cotton bag stamped with "FEED the Children of the World" and the number '1' to signify that each bag would provide enough meals to feed one child in school for one year.

Every product sold has a measurable donation attached to it. To date, FEED has been able to provide nearly 84 million meals globally through the WFP and Feeding America. FEED has also supported nutrition programs around the world, providing over 3.6 million children with Vitamin A supplements through the WFP and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF.

Throughout the years, FEED has also forged successful partnerships with Target, Disney, Pottery Barn, Clarins, Whole Foods Market, Gap, Tory Burch, Rachel Roy, DKNY, Links of London, Godiva and TOMS, among many others.

Smitten with FEED.