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husband's birthday, husband's beauteous beard - Herbivore Beard Tonic

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For a truly deliciously healthy looking beard, you will want to use Herbivore Botanicals Beard Tonic. Scented with this harmonious combination of Cedar and Bergamot.  

Herbivore has handcrafted their products with a five-star plant based carrier along with essential oils that include moisturizing Jojoba and nourishing Argan oil.

The entire Herbivore Botanicals line is made with 100% natural additives — no parabens, preservatives, artificial colours, artificial scents or animal ingredients.

Handmade in Seattle, these small batch face care products are loved by smokin' bearded dudes the world over!

A little goes a long way: use sparingly but rub vigorously into the beard. You want to get to the skin underneath, as it is an excellent moisturizer.