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the jane dress - Elegantees

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The Jane Dress from Elegantees is the perfect farewell to gloomy, winter colors. Available in a vibrant rose dawn color, it features ruffled short sleeves and a detachable belt to be wrapped to your liking. It’s made of 95% organic cotton and sizes are available from extra small to extra large.

Katie Martinez, founder of Elegantees, decided to donate her profits to organizations dedicated to fighting sex slavery. Each piece is made by a woman recovering from sex trafficking in Nepal. Each purchase provides employment opportunities for these women to build better lives for themelves. 

a little black dress - Elegantees

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The Dressember dress from Elegantees is a beautiful, easy dress to ring in the New Year with...and an easy wear for the spring!  I love the casual neckline and asymmetrical hem!

Elegantees is a relative newcomer to the fashion industry and supports a great system of change.  Founded by Katie Martinez in 2010, their mission is to provide hope, fair wages and independence to survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal.  Elegantees partnered with the Nepali Rescue Project, an organization that helps to pull 20,000 women and children each year from sex trafficking, and quickly realized that creating a income system had a far greater effect on life quality than charitable gifts.  After providing counseling and helping women find a safe home, Elegantees teaches women to create classic garments at their own sewing center in Kathmandu. 

As a company that has only reached their 5-year mark, Elegantees has evolved a great deal since its inception and clearly is on the right track to making a huge difference in the lives of women in Nepal.

Grateful and Smitten.

the perfect dress - Symbology Kimono Wrap dress

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Looking for a versatile, flattering, fun-but-still-elegant dress to kick off wedding season?  Look no further than the beautiful kimono wrap dress from Symbology clothing!

Symbology was founded by Marissa Heyl after a trip to India in 2006.  Her mission - in short - is to make fair trade sexy!  Symbology strives to make fair trade the norm in the fashion industry, and fuses beautiful tradition fabrics and patterns from India and the West Bank with modern, fashion-forward designs.  By partnering directly with artisans, these talented women are empowered to exercise their skills in weaving, block printing or embroidery.  These artisans are able to continue their trades and traditions while earning wages that allow their families to thrive.

Each collection centers around a motif or theme, and I love the playfulness of each unique print!  The fall/winter collection, entitled “Birds of a Feather”, features super flattering cuts in patterns that are printed by women in India using ancient hand-block printing methods. 

Fashionably Smitten!