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planting hope - Sprout World

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Pencils just got a whole lot sustainable. Imagine how easy it would be if you plant your pencils instead of throwing them in the trash? Sprout World’s Graphite Pencils allow you to do just that. Once you’re done with your pencil, plant it in an empty pot with the seed capsule facing down. Once they germinate, they’ll turn into either flowers, herbs, or even vegetables!

Sprout World was founded with the purpose of encouraging everyone to be more sustainable. They’ve certainly made it easy for everyone to care about the environment. Once the seeds have sprouted, the stub will decompose as it is 100% biodegradable. Saving the world, one pencil at a time.

shoes that evolve...brilliant! - The Shoe That Grow

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The Shoe That Grows is an incredible solution to a complex problem - children outgrow shoes quickly, often leaving them barefoot, kept home from school, and exposed to potential disease.  Approx 1.7 billion people worldwide are affected by soil borne illness annually.  After a volunteer trip to Kenya in 2007, founder Kenton Lee became focused on creating an ultra-durable shoe that expands 5X, resulting in footwear that will only need to be replaced a few times during childhood.  We love his innovative solution, as well as his simple but effective approach to distributing his shoes worldwide!

The Shoe That Grows is a project of Because International, a nonprofit founded in 2009 and committed to ‘practical compassion’.  In 2016, they were able to distribute 40,000 shoes in 80 countries due largely to their partnerships with volunteer organizations willing to distribute shoes to children.  In addition to distribution volunteers, the Shoe That Grows also accepts direct donations, noting that $15 will provide a child with a pair of shoes that lasts 5 years.

So genius! SO Smitten.

husband's birthday, husband's beauteous beard - Herbivore Beard Tonic

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For a truly deliciously healthy looking beard, you will want to use Herbivore Botanicals Beard Tonic. Scented with this harmonious combination of Cedar and Bergamot.  

Herbivore has handcrafted their products with a five-star plant based carrier along with essential oils that include moisturizing Jojoba and nourishing Argan oil.

The entire Herbivore Botanicals line is made with 100% natural additives — no parabens, preservatives, artificial colours, artificial scents or animal ingredients.

Handmade in Seattle, these small batch face care products are loved by smokin' bearded dudes the world over!

A little goes a long way: use sparingly but rub vigorously into the beard. You want to get to the skin underneath, as it is an excellent moisturizer.