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march bangles - Bird and Stone Awali bracelet

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If looking for a classic, beaded bracelet that pops with color, look no further!  This beautiful Turquoise and Gold Awali Bracelet is the perfect addition to any outfit!

Bird and Stone was founded by Elana Reinholtz in 2012 after a volunteer trip to Kenya to work with widowed women.  By teaming up with the Sisi Fund, a women’s collaborative that provides microloans in Africa, Bird and Stone launched an affordable jewelry line that encourages consumers to be “micro-philanthropists” with every purchase.

15% of net profits from each bracelet funds the microloans and financial education necessary for widowed women in Kitale, Kenya, to rebuild and improve their lives.  The microloans are small - usually just a few hundred dollars - and are offered to women who do not have enough income to qualify for a traditional bank loan.  These loans also carry a lower interest rate than a bank could offer, and once the loan is paid off the interest goes directly back to the women so they may further invest in their financial education.  

Bird and Stone strives to inspire, educate, and most importantly help shape the dreams of deserving women who are aspiring to be independent, financially stable, and educated.  We love that each bracelet sold supports this cause!

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