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for the love of elephants - The Elephant Art Gallery

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What a unique and creative idea...Elephant paintings! These 9000 pound elephants create rare and striking works of art at The Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC) in Lampang, Thailand.

The TECC is 19 years old and works in elephant conservation science. They are focused primarily on the care and wellness of Thailand’s elephants, 2,700 of which live on private grounds. They operate an onsite hospital and Thailand's first mobile clinic, which treats sick and injured elephants free of charge.

Asian elephants are an endangered species. If something isn't done to halt the rapid decline in numbers, it is likely that within the next 50 years, this amazing creature will be gone forever.

The TECC in conjunction with The Elephant Art Gallery (TEAG) found a genius solution with Elephant art...selling paintings in order to raise awareness and funds for the preservation of this endangered species.

While the elephants are painting, they are unaided in the creative process by humans. Elephants understand spatial awareness and are able to apply strokes within the confines of the paper.

Each piece is original...and a blessing.

This painting was created by Thanwa. Glorious. This painting being sold through Design With Benefits.

These are cool. I am Smitten.