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London calling! - Alice and Whittles Black Ankle Rain Boots

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Alice and Whittles reinforces what we already know to be true: socially conscious products are beautiful, well-made, and have a huge positive impact that ripples through workers’ communities.  Their Black Ankle Rain Boots are gorgeous, long-lasting, and stylish for both men and women.

Alice and Whittles was born from Sofi and Nicholas Horekens, a couple who met while working at the UN.  They believed that starting a new company could be a long-lasting source of progress, and began by seeking a swiss company to design a fashion-forward, minimalist rubber boot.  They are made by hand in Sri Lanka, and contain rubber only from FSC Certified rubber tree forests.  Alice and Whittles not only provides fair wage jobs for workers and farmers, they also partner with the Fair Rubber Association to understand and provide what rubber workers need most in their community - a center with reliable internet, subsidized meals, discounted products for the home, options for insurance, and access to loans.

Smitten and ready for rainy days..!

super supple galoshes - Roma Boots

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When it comes to rain boots...supple, chic Roma Boots are THE way to go. These rubber beauties are not only resilient to inclement weather, but are playful, colorful and wonderfully mod. Offering an array of styles and hues to choose from, Roma boots are cornering the market!

Roma Boots were conceived by Romanian born Samuel Bistrian, who grew up in the remote village of Benesti, and had experienced poverty firsthand in the still communist ruled country. Though having moved to the states when he was 8, he returned to Romania in 2001, and though communism no longer remained, poverty did. He witnessed children in the streets lacking proper shoes, or no footwear at all.

After college, Bistrian took a job with Neiman Marcus and in 2009 met Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes. Bistrian was truly inspired by his story, and a year later Samuel decided to take his experience in retail fashion and meld it with his altruistic efforts - with the help of family and friends, Roma Boots was born. 

With a mission to help eradicate poverty, Roma aspires to directly serve street children and orphans. Working  on a "buy one, give one" model: for every pair of boots sold, a new pair are donated to a child in need. In addition to the protective galoshes, the boots are filled to the brim with educational supplies. Fantastic!

Expanding the effort: 10% of all sales go to the Roma For All Foundation, created with an aim to help educate these children to break the cycle of poverty.