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reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood...Happy 4th y'all! - Holstee

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How about displaying pics, art, inspirational memes or quotes in this absolutely delicious alternative to a classic frame.  Reclaimed wood, simple, elegant...stylish.

Holstee met the team from Urban Ashes, a company that creates with reclaimed wood, and also works and trains formerly incarcerated individuals.

The frames are handcrafted using wood taken from deconstructed homes and buildings in the Detroit Metro Area...excellent!! (The frames themselves are put together in Ann Arbor, MI.)

"We are proud that through our work with Urban Ashes, we are able to give both the wood of these frames, and the craftsman and women who assemble them, a second chance." ~ Holstee

Holstee also creates outstandingly dynamic letterpress stationary, cards and paper goods made from 50% elephant poo and 50% recycled paper! Handmade, acid free and 100% natural.

Reclaimed wood...elephant poo?

Totally Smitten!

breaking a cycle through craftsmanship - Lamon Luther

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Lamon Luther is a furniture company who, in their own words, “turn brokenness into beauty”. Brian Preston founded Lamon Luther in 2007 after meeting a group of homeless men living in a tent village in the woods of suburban Georgia.  After learning that many of the men were skilled construction workers and laborers who lost jobs after the economic crisis, Preston realized that meaningful employment was the key to transitioning out of addiction and homelessness. He started first by picking up men each day to take odd jobs, and slowly grew into a furniture company.  Providing hope, pride, and a source of income has made all the difference in the lives of Lamon Luther’s craftsmen.

Brian Preston

Brian Preston

Today, partnering with huge companies like West Elm has allowed Lamon Luther to grow into a steady and reliable employment source for skilled laborers who strive to break their cycle of poverty.  Using over 240,000 lbs of reclaimed materials and hiring only homeless or transitioning craftsmen, Lamon Luther has built thousands of beautiful tables, cabinets, bookshelves and benches in Douglasville, GA.  

Strong, hopeful and Smitten.