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ocean plastic - Adidas

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Winter is finally over! Which means we can stay out longer and enjoy warmer weather. That also means you no longer have an excuse to skip that running session. But fret not, Adidas brings you their Ultraboost Parley Shoes. The shoes were made for long distance running, featuring extra cushioning and reliable traction. When it comes to running, it’s ALL in the shoes.

Adidas was founded in Germany and since then, they have been committed to change peoples’ lives through exercise. Their mission is to be a sustainable company, which is why they created their Parley shoes that are made out of recycled ocean plastic. They use Parley Ocean Plastic in order to prevent plastic waste from reaching the ocean. A perfect way to celebrate Earth Day!

We are so Smitten!

conscious fashion - Open Arms

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I honestly cannot say enough about this socially hip, totally tuned-in company. I have only recently discovered Open Arms...and wow do they knock my socks off!

Open Arms design delicious, modern, comfortable apparel and accessories using reclaimed t-shirts and remnant materials. They create a cool product repurposing garments that were on their way to landfills. Very cool!

To create these upcycled garments, Open Arms employs refugee women that have been resettled in Austin, helping them to avoid the cycle of poverty. Open Arms also provides their team with enrichment opportunities, ESL classes, family friendly schedules and a living wage.

Leslie Beasley started this venture after a trip to Uganda in 2010. She was inspired by the spirits of the refugee women that she met there, and upon her return decided to fill a need for the refugees in her own community. Along with several passionate friends and co-founder Lacey Strake, the business was born.

Their mission statement kicks butt:

“Open Arms is on a mission to do it differently - creating awareness that everyday choices can change the world. We are a social enterprise dedicated to people and the planet by employing refugee women to make fashionable apparel and accessories out of recycled and USA - made materials in the US.”

I am totally Smitten with Open Arms. 

I beseech the whole fashion industry to get turned on by this genius idea. May the runways soon become flooded with beauties in upcycled clothing!