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a serum made for summer - LUXE Botanics

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Summer is here which means your skin is prone to sun spots and hyperpigmentation. But thanks to LUXE Botanics, you can work against that thanks to their Kigelia Corrective Serum.The serum supports cellular regeneration thanks to their blend of lactobacillus, vitamin C, niacinamide and sodium hyaluronate. What more could you ask for?

LUXE Botantics was founded by Jene Roestorf, a South African native and biological scientist. The company works with people in Africa and South Africa to ensure fair trade standards. Being a part of Buy1Give1, proceeds of each purchase are given back to the communities in Africa. Your purchase helps their future!

We’re so Smitten!

a plethora of cause conscious gifts - CAUSEBOX

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In our busy modern culture of on-demand everything, we love love love the idea of a CAUSEBOX membership!  A hand-curated collection of jewelry, housewares, skincare products and accessories arrives 4 times a year direct to your front door, introducing you to brands that are doing great work to empower, employ and educate women from all over the globe.  

In addition to their gorgeous collection of products, each CAUSEBOX arrives filled with detailed information about each brand and item’s unique creation story. Having insight into each organization’s purpose, mission, beneficiaries and impact translates into total transparency about where each dollar is going - bringing a serious level of trust to CAUSEBOX and the products they include.

husband's birthday, husband's beauteous beard - Herbivore Beard Tonic

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For a truly deliciously healthy looking beard, you will want to use Herbivore Botanicals Beard Tonic. Scented with this harmonious combination of Cedar and Bergamot.  

Herbivore has handcrafted their products with a five-star plant based carrier along with essential oils that include moisturizing Jojoba and nourishing Argan oil.

The entire Herbivore Botanicals line is made with 100% natural additives — no parabens, preservatives, artificial colours, artificial scents or animal ingredients.

Handmade in Seattle, these small batch face care products are loved by smokin' bearded dudes the world over!

A little goes a long way: use sparingly but rub vigorously into the beard. You want to get to the skin underneath, as it is an excellent moisturizer.