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it's pit-fully good - Delicacies

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Delicacies is a company that knows the way into our hearts through food and fighting hunger. We are obsessed with avocados and thanks to Delicacies, we’re able to wear our love around our necks with their Sterling Silver Avocado Necklace! Each purchase will provide FIFTEEN meals to feed the hungry!

Founded in 2015 by Nicolle Nelson, the company offers jewelry centered around food. Why food? Because we are able to connect to people with different cultures through their food.  

We are pit-fully Smitten!

happy new year silver sneaks! - Veja

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Veja’s Esplar 3 Locks Silver Sneakers have so much forward-thinking put into their creation, it’s almost not enough to describe them as shoes.  Made with Amazonian rubber, certified organic cotton, and leather from Brazilian livestock, Veja’s shoes are serious about make a positive change.  Plus, silver sneakers are amazing!

With each Esplar sale, organic and family-based farming in the Northeast region of Brazil is supported.  Unlike most manufacturers that use synthetic rubber, Veja sources rubber from the Amazon forest, improving the income of tappers and slowing down the detrimental deforestation of that area.  In addition, Veja’s cotton has been certified by the ADEC since 2007, making them a founder of the organic cotton movement.

Smitten with each step!

sexy, sustainable and star studded - People Tree

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Catch the eye with these yummy star-studded studs. Hand pounded, 100% silver-plated brass. Gorgeous!

People Tree is recognized for its production of ethical, sustainable fashion. For more than 25 years, this pioneer company has partnered with Fair Trade producers, garment workers, artisans and farmers in the developing world to create fashion forward, eco-friendly collections.

People Tree gives customers an alternative to "fast fashion". "Fast fashion is fueled by an insatiable demand for cheap clothing and accessories. Fast fashion has a devastating impact, from sweatshops and child labor to pollution and global warming. Slow Fashion means standing up against exploitation, family separation, slum cities and pollution – all the things that make fast fashion so successful."

Fair Trade is ethical, sustainable and fashionable....and the opposite of fast fashion.

People Tree products are made by artisans who work and uphold Fair Trade standards. People Tree was the world’s first clothing company to receive the World Fair Trade Organization Fair Trade product mark in 2013.

Fair Trade makes a powerful difference. People Tree is helping to alleviate poverty in the world's most marginalized communities.