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tribe and transformation - the bloomerie

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This t-shirt says it all - TRIBE.

I couldn't relate more to the genesis of this company...a sweet tale of the birth of true friendship. Makes me think of my friend Shannon - who I could not live without!

Nicole Matthews and Niki Corbin met on a playground, where their girls bonded over a young Justin Bieber. They found it easy to talk to one another and became fast friends. Over time, there were more play dates, tears, chocolate, always coffee...and a deep connection was made. "She believed in me, and I believed in her. And together our dreams became possible." 

Soon they made the bloomerie, their dream together - a reality.

the bloomerie is about collaboration. "It's about women moving beyond their insecurities and knowing that they can." 

Every month the bloomerie releases a new t-shirt design inspired by the stories of female entrepreneurs that are doing good and paying it forward. They give $5 of each sale to that month's company and cause.

Building a business on friendship...I absolutely love it!

Nichole says "Value the friends who love on you and believe in you. They're your tribe." I agree indeed!

I believe in finding one's tribe - I'm Smitten.

"We Will Be Free" racerback t - Sudara

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The message is clear on this clean, crisp-white, racerback t from Sudara, "We Will Be Free"! Alliance and unification are the words between the words that sweep across this flawless, fresh tank. 

I wrote about Shannon Keith's company Sudara (once the International Princess Project) for back in September of 2014 for the first time. Sudara is an organization helping young women in India escape and recover from the sex slavery industry that is rampant there.

I am crazy about Punjammies, wonderfully comfortable loungewear that can be worn indoors and out, made from Sari material and created by the women being trained and helped out of the industry. I am bananas about the vision of this organization and all that they have done for the young women of India since 2005.

If you're looking for a great summer gift for you or a girlfriend, consider this!

Smitten with Sudara.

t-shirts for good - Kuyichi

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Kuyichi’s Aiden PLP SS t-shirts are 100% organic fairtrade cotton, super soft, and look great draped over any man’s shoulders!

Kuyichi can be credited for starting the fair-trade revolution and raising environmental awareness in the fashion industry.  They were the first to introduce organic cotton and fair trade sourcing, and insist on reaching sustainability (both economic and environmental) while producing their products. They are members of the Fair Wear Foundation, and provide transparency by publicly reporting their environmental and social sustainability progress to Made-By each year. 

Since 2001 they have paved the way for so many other culturally-conscious clothing brands, and continue to be at the forefront of good practices in every single aspect of their production.  In an effort to minimize waste and maximize positive effects, Kuyichi strives to become “closed loop” in their production and sourcing.  In 2008, they partnered with the Climate Neutral Group in an effort to minimize the greenhouse gasses from their factories, offices and modes of transportation.  They hold high standards for factory conditions, provide fair wages for the individuals working, and emphasize the goal of mindful production.

Impressed and Smitten.

conscious fashion - Open Arms

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I honestly cannot say enough about this socially hip, totally tuned-in company. I have only recently discovered Open Arms...and wow do they knock my socks off!

Open Arms design delicious, modern, comfortable apparel and accessories using reclaimed t-shirts and remnant materials. They create a cool product repurposing garments that were on their way to landfills. Very cool!

To create these upcycled garments, Open Arms employs refugee women that have been resettled in Austin, helping them to avoid the cycle of poverty. Open Arms also provides their team with enrichment opportunities, ESL classes, family friendly schedules and a living wage.

Leslie Beasley started this venture after a trip to Uganda in 2010. She was inspired by the spirits of the refugee women that she met there, and upon her return decided to fill a need for the refugees in her own community. Along with several passionate friends and co-founder Lacey Strake, the business was born.

Their mission statement kicks butt:

“Open Arms is on a mission to do it differently - creating awareness that everyday choices can change the world. We are a social enterprise dedicated to people and the planet by employing refugee women to make fashionable apparel and accessories out of recycled and USA - made materials in the US.”

I am totally Smitten with Open Arms. 

I beseech the whole fashion industry to get turned on by this genius idea. May the runways soon become flooded with beauties in upcycled clothing!