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large beaded hoops, never a bad idea - Global Goods Partners

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These hoops are noteworthy, uncomplicated, not quotidian in any way! Made in Tanzania, they are simply stunning - versatile, from sneaks to pumps...the perfect hoop!

  • 2"D 14k gold hoop
  • Glass beads
  • 24k gold plated glass beads

Global Goods Partners is a not-for-profit enterprise, creating sustainable jobs for women to help the development of their communities, as well as the prosperity of families.

GGP partners with women-led, community-based organizations, and invests all proceeds from product sales back in to training and funding, enabling their partners to prosper and thrive well into the future.  

Since 2005, GG has partnered with over 60 artisan groups in more than 20 countries throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas. "Each artisan that creates products for GGP earns reliable, fair living wages and gains experience that can add benefit to all aspects of her life."

organic bangles for Haiti - xoxo, Simbi

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Simbi bracelets have so many amazing things going for them - they are handmade, 100% organic, vegan, biodegradable, and glazed with a non-toxic finish.  The Acai bracelet is akin to a string of superfood Acai berries wrapped around your wrist, and we think that is just the yummiest.

Every step of the Simbi creative, manufacturing, and shipping processes is done in Haiti.  Instead of importing portions of the organization, Simbi creates jobs for locals as a concerted effort to elevate the global offerings of Haiti as well as the everyday lives of Haitian people.  Simbi’s mission statement is three-part: create jobs, purify water, save lives.  To that end, each Simbi bracelet creates 15 sustainable jobs for natives of Haiti and supports efforts to implement clean water systems. You can donate directly to Aqua Haiti here. With beautiful jewelry like the Acai bracelet, it’s easy to support this cause.

Inspired and Smitten.

bright sunshine-y bold bangle - Tuli

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Spring is almost here and the color pop of Tuli’s Avery bracelet will cheer up even the gloomiest of winter mornings! This bracelet features 5 strings of paper beads, first delicately hand rolled and then varnished and painted, creating one gorgeous accent piece.

Handmade by women in Uganda, Tuli fair trade jewelry is primarily created from recycled paper beads. Each purchase goes directly to Uganda to fight poverty and empower the women involved with steady income and fair, livable wages.  A regular income brings a long-term and lasting solution to poverty.  

For some perspective, Tuli notes that one Avery bracelet will provide enough income to send a child to school for two weeks.  For more info on Tuli’s impact and mission, check this out...

We think that’s one meaningful bracelet!

a sparkly, sexy...significant bangle - Eden: Fusion Leather Snap bracelet

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This wrist stunner is made from twenty four hand-beaded strands affixed to two soft, sturdy leather strands. The wristlet closes with three snap buttons that adorn the leather. Stand out in this luscious piece of jewelry from Raven and Lily.

This bangle is made by women who live on the Entoto Mountain in Ethiopia, where the artisans melt down bullet casings to create the beads for their designs, "transforming what was once used for harm into beauty."

This is my third post for Raven and Lily, a company I positively love. The initial post with all appropriate accolades here.

Forever Smitten with Raven and Lily.

amethyst beads and more good deeds - 100 Good Deeds

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The ABC's of this bracelet: it's not only a stunner, but has an equally powerful mission. 

100 Good Deeds and Gemfields have partnered to create this smashing, limited edition, amethyst bangle. All gems are responsibly sourced from Zambia, Africa. 

"Gemfields is the world’s leading supplier of responsibly sourced colored gemstones, taking pride in bringing ethically mined gemstones to the market in a transparent manner. In partnership with its dealers and jewelry manufacturers, Gemfields ensures a consistent supply of colored gemstones to its consumers and offers full disclosure directly to you, our discerning clients."

Please see notablySmitten's original post on 1GD and Mary Fisher here.

Smitten again.

joy and the summer lovin' necklace - The Shine Project

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The Summer Lovin Necklace Stack from The Shine Project is the perfect accompaniment to a sundress or beachy outfit.  We love it when doing good, looking good and feeling good are all wrapped into one great accessory!

The Shine Project’s jewelry line was born from blogger Ashley LeMieux’s desire to provide scholarships for her under-prepared and potentially college-bound mentees.  What started as a group of students making friendship bracelets in Ashley’s condo - initially called Threads by The Shine Project - has grown into a full fledged for-profit company with a beautiful line of accessories.  Thier mission is to provide scholarships, life experience, employment and mentoring to teens who otherwise would not have the resources to seek higher education.  Since 2011, The Shine Project has provided over 40 Scholarships, and currently employs 11 inner city students at their Phoenix, Arizona workspace.  In addition to the support from product purchases, 100% of direct donations go to providing books and supplies to their scholarship recipients. 

Shine on! Smitten.

march bangles - Bird and Stone Awali bracelet

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If looking for a classic, beaded bracelet that pops with color, look no further!  This beautiful Turquoise and Gold Awali Bracelet is the perfect addition to any outfit!

Bird and Stone was founded by Elana Reinholtz in 2012 after a volunteer trip to Kenya to work with widowed women.  By teaming up with the Sisi Fund, a women’s collaborative that provides microloans in Africa, Bird and Stone launched an affordable jewelry line that encourages consumers to be “micro-philanthropists” with every purchase.

15% of net profits from each bracelet funds the microloans and financial education necessary for widowed women in Kitale, Kenya, to rebuild and improve their lives.  The microloans are small - usually just a few hundred dollars - and are offered to women who do not have enough income to qualify for a traditional bank loan.  These loans also carry a lower interest rate than a bank could offer, and once the loan is paid off the interest goes directly back to the women so they may further invest in their financial education.  

Bird and Stone strives to inspire, educate, and most importantly help shape the dreams of deserving women who are aspiring to be independent, financially stable, and educated.  We love that each bracelet sold supports this cause!

notably Smitten!

shimmering gold stocking stuffers - Purpose Jewelry

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Exciting, eye-catching, ear candy: classic gold shimmering hoop earrings. Strung with metallic faceted beads...perfectly wearable day or night.

These yummy hoops are available in both Gold and Silver and have a 2 1/4" drop, with a 1 1/2" width.

I love these earrings, but I love the company behind them more.

Purpose jewelry, is handcrafted by survivors of modern-day slavery.

100% of the proceeds from Purpose benefit International Sanctuary, a non-profit that provides holistic care for young women rescued from sex trafficking.

When a girl escapes or is rescued from sex trafficking she is faced with an enormous level of trauma with very little support.

In 2007, International Sanctuary (iSanctuary) was created to address the needs of these young women through holistic care and empowerment. The women are offered mentorship, education, medical and dental care, scholarships, and micro-loans to prepare them for brighter futures.

In September 2014, International Sanctuary launched Purpose, a way to empower the survivors through employment and financial stability. The women are able to enjoy a healthy workplace, free to laugh and grow. A place that helps to transform these once victims, into skilled artisans, survivors...and thrivers. 

Super Smitten!

a touch of cream and gold, ethical neck-lace - 31 Bits

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Gracefully wrapped beads, delicately strung together to create dazzling neckwear. I couldn't love 31 Bits more!!

Perfectly named The is whimsical, hip and pretty. A simple strand of gold accent beads adorned by a row of marble shaped paper beads, here shown in Cream and Gold.

The Romantic is also available in: Cream, Black, Multi and Mint.

- Handmade in Uganda

- Beads are made from recycled paper

- Approximately 29" when laid flat

- Single strand

- Fastens with a button clasp

All their beads are made from recycled paper. "All accessories are handmade in Uganda with exceptional quality and sophisticated design."

More information on 31 Bits from notablySmitten.

Always and forever...Smitten. 

bead and leather wrap bangle - Global Good Partners

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Pretty. Elegant. Shimmery. Dress your well-worn jean shorts and unblemished white t-shirt with this gorgeous triple wrap bangle. These brilliant beads stand brilliantly on their own, no need for stacking here.

Your purchase supports and empowers deaf artisans in Kenya.

~ Czech glass beads, locally sourced leather, brass (stamped charm)

~ 1/4" W, adjustable length 20", 21", 32"

~ Wraps 3 times

Both professionals in International Development, it was part of Catherine Lieber Shimony and Joan Shifrin's job to travel to impoverished areas around the world to see what could be improved. What they began to witness over and over again, were creative, energized women producing magnifient handmade goods...yet, they lacked any access to sustainable markets in which to sell their products.

Catherine and Joan had witnessed women in marginalized communities throughout Asia, Africa, and the US being able to advance the wellness of their families when their income was stabilized. In 2005, the friends founded Global Goods Partners to create a practical pathway for women to generate income opportunities and gain access into the consumer marketplace for handmade, fair trade merchandise.

Global Goods Partners (GGP) is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to alleviating poverty and promoting social justice and empowers women to create sustainable change.


infinity hoops - Same Sky

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These Silver Infinity Hoops are deeee-lish. A perfect gift.

Handcrafted in Rwanda.  Each pair is finely crocheted with metallic plated seed beads on 24-karat hoops. Hoops measure 1.5” in diameter.

Same Sky is working as a trade initiative to create employment opportunities for women in Rwanda struggling to lift their lives out of poverty.

In 1994, nearly one million people were murdered in just 100 days during the genocide in Rwanda. A quarter of a million women were raped, and 70% contracted HIV/AIDS. These women were used as weapons of war, left as widows, single mothers and orphaned girls. Same Sky was born with a mission to help them. 

Transformation happens with the dignity of work and the freedom of being self-sufficient. Same Sky employs the artisans of Rwanda, giving them fair wages and further training and education necessary for them to live empowered lives.

“Talent is everywhere, opportunity isn’t”— Same Sky aims to change that.

A purchase of Infinity Hoop Earrings bonds you eternally with a woman a world away.

Infinity Hoops come in Silver and Gold.

Same Sky Smitten!

upcycled baubles - 31 Bits

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This vibrant, beautiful, multihued adornment is made out of paper. Yes...paper! Each and every bead is created using hand rolled paper. All jewelry at 31 Bits is hand crafted by women artisans living in Uganda.

31 Bits began five years ago, when 5 college friends, Kallie Dovel, Alli Swanson, Anna Toy, Brooke Hodges, and Jessie Simonsonwith graduation just a year away, found their lives changing drastically.

Kallie, had just returned from a trip to Uganda where she met and spent time with women that had grown up in war and had nothing. They were single moms with no education and no job prospects. What struck Kallie the most, the women were her age. The contrast of the lives the women were leading was stark.

Kallie witnessed, that though the women had not had the opportunity of an education, they made up for that with amazing artistry and ingenuity - making unique, beauteous jewelry out of old posters.   

Miss Dovel brought a box of the jewelry back with her, when the rest of the friends fell in love with it, they all knew a business was emerging.

A few of the girls went back the following summer and spent time with the women making jewelry and sharing life stories. Kallie stayed through the following year, setting up the organization.


31 Bits has also implemented a five-year holistic development program in Uganda, where each woman receives health education, finance training, counseling, and business training. They currently have 120 women in the program whose lives have been transformed.

100% Smitten.

Through your purchase, you are helping to empower women rise above poverty with dignity and grace.

100 beads at a time - 100 Good Deeds

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In the world of charming, fashionably conscious jewelry, the 100 Good Deeds bracelet is at the top my list. Engaging colors, beautiful, hip...and glamorous! 

In 2000, artist and activist Mary Fisher, was asked by the White House AIDS office to act as a Special Representative of the UN and travel to Africa. While there, Mary worked with those affected by poverty, violence and the stigma attached to HIV. 

Mary started the Abataka foundation to partner with these women by designing jewelry that they could make and thereby earn a positive, sustainable living. 

In 2012, Mary released her memoir Messenger, and also met filmmaker Thomas Morgan. He shared with Mary a game that he and his family created, where they would complete 100 good deeds anonymously. 

Mary was Smitten and responded by designing the 100 Good Deeds bracelet. Each bracelet is hand-braided with one hundred glass beads and a single rubber ring. After wrapping it around your wrist, each time you do a good deed, you move the rubber ring one bead closer to the 1GD charm.

"The motivation behind the 100 Good Deeds collection is to inspire simple acts of kindness around the world." ~ Mary Fisher 

The bracelet serves as a reminder to pay it forward, and has found ambassadors in celebrities like Susan Sarandon, Katie Holmes and Naomi Watts.