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feminine power - AUrate

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AUrate’s Flower Ring captures the power of femininity in one tiny piece. Available in sizes 4-10, it’s handcrafted from ethically sourced gold. AUrate donates a book to a student in need for every purchase. Now that’s true gold.

 AUrate was founded by Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui in 2015. Together, they vowed to provide women with fine jewelry at honest prices but to also give back to the community in return. AUrate, with the help of their customers, is giving books to young kids in New York because they understand the role literacy has for a successful future. 

large beaded hoops, never a bad idea - Global Goods Partners

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These hoops are noteworthy, uncomplicated, not quotidian in any way! Made in Tanzania, they are simply stunning - versatile, from sneaks to pumps...the perfect hoop!

  • 2"D 14k gold hoop
  • Glass beads
  • 24k gold plated glass beads

Global Goods Partners is a not-for-profit enterprise, creating sustainable jobs for women to help the development of their communities, as well as the prosperity of families.

GGP partners with women-led, community-based organizations, and invests all proceeds from product sales back in to training and funding, enabling their partners to prosper and thrive well into the future.  

Since 2005, GG has partnered with over 60 artisan groups in more than 20 countries throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas. "Each artisan that creates products for GGP earns reliable, fair living wages and gains experience that can add benefit to all aspects of her life."

the perfect spring bridesmaids gift - Cleopatra Earrings

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Mela Artisans’ gold and turquoise Cleopatra Earrings are fit for a queen!   I love that they are completely handmade, as well as their slightly retro shape, bold color palette, and traditional elegance!

After a life-long appreciation for the handcrafted goods and jewelry from India, father-daughter duo Navroze S. Mehta and Sonali Mehta Rao recognized a growing problem for indigenous artisans - the ability to market their products and sustain their livelihood.  After reading one too many articles about artisans trading their time-honored skills for unskilled laborer jobs in large cities, Mela Artisans was created as a platform to connect these craftsman to the global market, as well as preserve the traditional methods necessary to create these handicrafts. 

In addition to this mission, Mela gives 1% of sales back to the artisans’ communities.  This fund provides basic needs for these artisans to succeed as independent entrepreneurs, such as medical care for their families or solar energy for improved workshop lighting.

Mela translates to ‘Festival’ in Hindi, and I couldn’t agree more - their products come together as a true festival of beautiful handmade goods!


shimmering gold stocking stuffers - Purpose Jewelry

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Exciting, eye-catching, ear candy: classic gold shimmering hoop earrings. Strung with metallic faceted beads...perfectly wearable day or night.

These yummy hoops are available in both Gold and Silver and have a 2 1/4" drop, with a 1 1/2" width.

I love these earrings, but I love the company behind them more.

Purpose jewelry, is handcrafted by survivors of modern-day slavery.

100% of the proceeds from Purpose benefit International Sanctuary, a non-profit that provides holistic care for young women rescued from sex trafficking.

When a girl escapes or is rescued from sex trafficking she is faced with an enormous level of trauma with very little support.

In 2007, International Sanctuary (iSanctuary) was created to address the needs of these young women through holistic care and empowerment. The women are offered mentorship, education, medical and dental care, scholarships, and micro-loans to prepare them for brighter futures.

In September 2014, International Sanctuary launched Purpose, a way to empower the survivors through employment and financial stability. The women are able to enjoy a healthy workplace, free to laugh and grow. A place that helps to transform these once victims, into skilled artisans, survivors...and thrivers. 

Super Smitten!

bars of gold that give back - Half United

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notablySmitten introduced Half United in August of this year...and now these Gold Bar Rae Earrings! Divine and delightful...they come in silver and rose gold as well.

For every product purchased, Half United will give 7 meals to a child in need! Currently focused on the United States, Fiji, Cambodia and Haiti.

Food is really just the beginning for Half United. Currently primarily focused on hunger-alleviation, they also have strategically partnered with organizations that work hard to empower, educate, and inspire the children, families, and communities they feed.

...continue to be Smitten!

endless love. . .18k gold signet ring - Saught

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I think these stunning, geometric rings are an exactly perfect gift for a truly dear friend. Crafted gracefully from brass, then plated and sealed with an 18k gold finish. I love the precious, yet bold quality these rings exude. They kick ass, if you will.

Designed by award winning artisans, the Saught collection is inspired by the signet rings worn by ancient kings to seal documents and enter into covenants. The word Peace stems from the word Saught, which means covenant for peace and reconciliation.

The collection is about the promises we keep, and what we want to remember. . . a name, a word, a prayer.

Saught, at the heart, creates employment opportunities in developing countries like Cambodia. The company works to break poverty, and to make sure the artisans live full, happy lives.

This includes worry-free work environments, insurance, housing allowances, fair pay, and skill training opportunities. One day they hope to support more budding artisans by offering scholarships to attend silversmith school.

By supporting income generation opportunities, Saught is working to break the cycle of poverty.

Choose from one of five available engraving fonts: cursive, classic, italic, capitals or block. And choose from one of our favorite words, or choose a custom option of your own. No more than ten characters.

Each piece of jewelry contains redeemed artillery shells recovered in Cambodia by our NGO partners

Endlessly Smitten!

infinity hoops - Same Sky

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These Silver Infinity Hoops are deeee-lish. A perfect gift.

Handcrafted in Rwanda.  Each pair is finely crocheted with metallic plated seed beads on 24-karat hoops. Hoops measure 1.5” in diameter.

Same Sky is working as a trade initiative to create employment opportunities for women in Rwanda struggling to lift their lives out of poverty.

In 1994, nearly one million people were murdered in just 100 days during the genocide in Rwanda. A quarter of a million women were raped, and 70% contracted HIV/AIDS. These women were used as weapons of war, left as widows, single mothers and orphaned girls. Same Sky was born with a mission to help them. 

Transformation happens with the dignity of work and the freedom of being self-sufficient. Same Sky employs the artisans of Rwanda, giving them fair wages and further training and education necessary for them to live empowered lives.

“Talent is everywhere, opportunity isn’t”— Same Sky aims to change that.

A purchase of Infinity Hoop Earrings bonds you eternally with a woman a world away.

Infinity Hoops come in Silver and Gold.

Same Sky Smitten!