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the golden compass - The Brave Collection

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Never get lost again with The Brave Collection’s Compass Chain Necklace. The beautiful piece is handmade in Cambodia with gold vermeil. The artisans are mothers and people with disabilities that work in exchange for fair wages and access to healthcare.

Jessica Hendricks Yee founded The Brave Collection after witnessing a small Cambodian country struggle to rebuild after genocide. By launching her company, she gave many local artisans a chance to create beautiful pieces of jewelry in exchange for fair wages. In addition to that, the company donates 10% of their profits to fight human trafficking in Cambodia. 

We are so Smitten!

happy shopping in these jeans! - Outland Denim

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Outland Denim’s Harriet in Pacific jeans are a stylish choice for any lady who not only cares how she dresses, but the impact her purchases make on the world.  Outland Denim provides training and living wages to women who have been rescued and restored from human trafficking, and are also leading the way in environmental and social sustainability.

Each pair is created in Outland’s Cambodian training and production facility - their story here. Striving to erase the deep social and physiological effects of human trafficking, every step of their business model empowers women with transferable life skills.  From the denim itself to the zippers, buttons, rivets and thread, all are supporting the same mission: to make a positive difference in the fashion industry.

Seriously Smitten by any company that combines denim and good deeds!

endless love. . .18k gold signet ring - Saught

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I think these stunning, geometric rings are an exactly perfect gift for a truly dear friend. Crafted gracefully from brass, then plated and sealed with an 18k gold finish. I love the precious, yet bold quality these rings exude. They kick ass, if you will.

Designed by award winning artisans, the Saught collection is inspired by the signet rings worn by ancient kings to seal documents and enter into covenants. The word Peace stems from the word Saught, which means covenant for peace and reconciliation.

The collection is about the promises we keep, and what we want to remember. . . a name, a word, a prayer.

Saught, at the heart, creates employment opportunities in developing countries like Cambodia. The company works to break poverty, and to make sure the artisans live full, happy lives.

This includes worry-free work environments, insurance, housing allowances, fair pay, and skill training opportunities. One day they hope to support more budding artisans by offering scholarships to attend silversmith school.

By supporting income generation opportunities, Saught is working to break the cycle of poverty.

Choose from one of five available engraving fonts: cursive, classic, italic, capitals or block. And choose from one of our favorite words, or choose a custom option of your own. No more than ten characters.

Each piece of jewelry contains redeemed artillery shells recovered in Cambodia by our NGO partners

Endlessly Smitten!