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t-shirts for good - Kuyichi

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Kuyichi’s Aiden PLP SS t-shirts are 100% organic fairtrade cotton, super soft, and look great draped over any man’s shoulders!

Kuyichi can be credited for starting the fair-trade revolution and raising environmental awareness in the fashion industry.  They were the first to introduce organic cotton and fair trade sourcing, and insist on reaching sustainability (both economic and environmental) while producing their products. They are members of the Fair Wear Foundation, and provide transparency by publicly reporting their environmental and social sustainability progress to Made-By each year. 

Since 2001 they have paved the way for so many other culturally-conscious clothing brands, and continue to be at the forefront of good practices in every single aspect of their production.  In an effort to minimize waste and maximize positive effects, Kuyichi strives to become “closed loop” in their production and sourcing.  In 2008, they partnered with the Climate Neutral Group in an effort to minimize the greenhouse gasses from their factories, offices and modes of transportation.  They hold high standards for factory conditions, provide fair wages for the individuals working, and emphasize the goal of mindful production.

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