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the perfect gift = Wello WaterWheel

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Cynthia Koenig has spent the last two years creating an extremely innovative solution to a very real problem in Rajathsan: the gathering and storing of clean water.  Simply put, water collecting eats up a large portion of the day for many women and is very taxing on the body.  The Wello WaterWheel is a deceptively simple tool that allows up to 45liters of water at a time to be gathered and safely stored by simply pushing the wheel like a cart. 

Wello claims that 1 in 7 people globally lives more than a kilometer from the nearest water source, and most women carry 20 liters on average (weighing around 45lbs) at a time.  It is also estimated that 75% of the girls between the ages of 15-17 in Rajathsan drop out of school to help with the household.  Water gathering is a slow, tiring process and almost exclusively a woman’s job.  

With the WaterWheel, women are able to dramatically improve their daily life with an estimated 35 hours a week saved by no longer gathering water in a traditional method!  They have time to work a job and produce income, have more water each day to keep their home clean, are able to properly hydrate their families, and can create better irrigation for their crops.  All of these factors are key elements to breaking the poverty cycle.

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We’re so excited to see Wello reach their full potential as they begin distributing WaterWheels this year.  

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