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Wendi Berger

perfectly perfumed, charitable, and For the World - Pour le Monde

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Wendi Berger, always excited to work on fragrance launches while working at such high profile fashion books as ELLE, In Style and Vanity Fair...eventually created her own in 2010. The difference? Pour le Monde, For the World, is the first certified 100% natural fine fragrance. It took two years to develop this spread of elegant fragrances. Two years of trial and task, breaking through with these three natural perfume creations - each one benefitting a special charity to boot.


Pictured above is Envision; a smooth, sensuous, long lingering perfume. With top notes of Bergamot, Brazilian Orange and Pink Peppercorns. The middle remains with Lavender from the South of France and Egytian Geranium Rose. The base is warm and sexy with a kick of Indonesian Patchouli, Sandalwood and the creamy smell of Madagascar Vanilla. This is a luxurious scent that you deserve to wear!

Of course Smitten.