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girl power - Josie Maran Cosmetics

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I first met Josie Maran on a Nestle commercial back in the 90's. She had just started modeling and I was working (for a heartbeat) as a hair and make-up artist. She was in her late teens...and a completely engaging young dynamo! I have been thrilled to watch her grow into this giving, compassionate, powerful woman.

I started using Josie's products not because of any past connection, but rather I knew the benefits of Argan oil. She has created a line that is pure and delicious. She is also dedicated to the empowerment of women...which happens to also be number one on my list as well. Josie Maran Cosmetics get all of their Argan from all- female cooperatives in Morocco.

These co-ops were set up by the Moroccan government in 2002 and give women of rural Morocco a steady income, fair wages and proper working conditions. The co-ops also offer literacy and other education classes that provide freedom and options in a traditionally male-dominated society.

The brand strives to enhance the natural beauty of their customers, while endeavoring to support the natural world and care for the planet.

Love. this.

Smitten with the way my face and body look after using Josie's products for the last four years...congrats sweetness for all your good work!