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a yummier football season - fashionABLE game day scarf

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We are now well into football who doesn't need a matching scarf to go with your favorite team? fashionABLE has created these incredibly chic, ridiculously soft, 100% cotton scarves to go with your (surely) winning team!

These scarves:

-available in both traditional and infinity styles

-medium weight with contrasting textured stripes

-handwoven in Ethiopia

-subtle variations add to the uniqueness of each scarf

In 2005, Barrett Ward founded the revolutionary The idea was to give up the price of just 2-3 mocha lattes a month and forge change in Africa - using that money to create relief and development projects.

In just a few years later, Barrett moved to Ethiopia for a year. There, he met a group of activists called Women at Risk, who work with women exploited in the sex industry. After witnessing the success Women at Risk was having, Barrett came to understand that one of the biggest variables in keeping these women off the streets was generative employment.

With this, fashionABLE was born. Women sharing what they are ABLE to do when provided an opportunity.

With wholehearted team spirit...Smitten.