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release your Love - Unlock Hope, Africa key necklace

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Unlock Hope’s Africa Key Necklace is a beautiful gift  with a very serious mission as it’s namesake.  A relatively new organization with an ambitious focus, Unlock Hope works hard to fully fund the Think Humanity Hostel in Uganda solely through their sales!

Too often, girls in small villages do not advance past primary school, often leading to early marriages and large families that are difficult to care for without any education or skills.  In 2012, the Think Humanity Hostel began in Uganda as a place for 30 orphaned girls to break the cycle of poverty with an education, basic life skills, and entrepreneurial training in a yearly “Girls' Leadership Summit”.  Think Humanity believes that “patience pains, but later pays”, and the success of the girls living in their hostel is proof of that being true. Unlock Hope has an exclusive partnership with Think Humanity, and because of their sales were able to 100% fund the hostel’s budget last year!  

Unlock Hope’s Africa Key necklace is a great reminder of how much has already been achieved, as well as how much more is still needed globally.

Hopeful and Smitten.