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Kenneth Cole has been melding socially conscious commentary and fashion for decades now. When I think of the companies that I seek to support, where capitalism and community work together in social agreement...I think of Kenneth Cole.

[Pictured here:  CROPPED BODICE COWLNECK DRESS by Kenneth Cole Black Label]

Today, Kenneth Cole Productions is an American fashion house that designs men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories. But the thriving company started solely as a footwear line.

In 1982, Cole went to an Italian shoe factory with the intention of designing a high-end product that would be profitable and support his lifestyle. Yet quite immediately he realized, that if his purpose of action were to do the right thing, money would flow.

"I do believe if I could make it about something that's more sustainable than hem lengths, heel heights, then so becomes my relationship with my customer — more about what they stand in but what they stand for. Not just of what they wear, but of what they are aware."

Cole's brand is known for its provocative commentary on political issues through its advertising. The voice of the brand was particularly memorable in the eighties and nineties, when Cole used advertising to support causes such as gay rights and AIDS research.

Forever Smitten with this brand.