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notable sun wear - Solve sunglasses

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Solve is a for-profit sunglasses company that contributes to solving one of the biggest threats for developing societies - a lack of clean water.  For each pair of sunglasses that are purchased, Solve will provide clean water for an entire life. 

Solve was founded by Jeb Geesey and Justin Kroboth, two fire-fighters from Charleston SC, and works exclusively with Water Missions International to provide clean water for life.  Solve is able to put $10 of each sunglasses sale - the estimated cost per person of Water Missions’ custom water, sanitation and hygiene efforts - and promises that the clean water supply will continue for life.  

Like our friends behind the Wello Water Wheel, Solve knows that water gathering in developing countries is a time consuming, often dangerous, back-breaking practice (usually left to women and children) that very directly perpetuates the poverty cycle.  With the help of Solve and Water Missions International, a clean water supply becomes a reliable and easily accessible part of every community.

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