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for a good read - Thoughtfully Magazine

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Thoughtfully Magazine suggests that readers “live thoughtfully right where you are, one step at a time, with what you have” - and we couldn’t agree more.  Living each moment with the right outlook is a major step to improving your day, your life, and your world!

This eco-conscious, independently produced magazine is as thoughtful as it sounds. Filled with topics such as sustainable beauty products, health and wellness, and delicious recipes, Thoughtfully encourages readers to shift their attention to the more important things in life.  While they only promote specific products that they believe in, they are also working to become ad-free, and will soon rely only on reader support.

Consider picking up a copy of this elegantly designed and genuine publication during your next trip to Wholefoods or Sprouts!

Naturally Smitten!

real stories, real impact - Conscious Magazine

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As this has been such an outstanding year of growth for notablySmitten, and I am filled to the brim with gratitude and joy...I feel the last posting must be a knockout!

And so I present Conscious Magazine...a totally hip, socially conscious, well-designed, connected, lifestyle based magazine. It is positive, empowering and making a real impact.

The heart of the magazine is storytelling, community, collaboration and education.

Conscious features global conversations, advocate narratives, creative ideas, innovative solutions, inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs and educators, conscious culture and much more.

Chalk full of stories that galvanize, educate, and drive action.

Their Manifesto: "We care about global, local, and individual concerns. We believe great moments are born from acknowledging and acting upon opportunity. We are passionary agents of change, pioneers of benevolent innovation, and instigators of empowerment who seek the good of those around us. We believe everyone has a voice and the power to make a difference."

As we close 2015, and focus on the new year ahead, this is an incredible resource to stay connected to others seeking ways to make the world a more dynamic, compassionate and wonderful place to live.

Conscious is in print and sold in Barnes & Noble stores nationwide. They also have a daily updated website.

Altogether Smitten.

the art of being a woman - Darling magazine

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I spent a significant amount of my life working as a model. You may not recognize the name...but I worked. And I've got stories...;)

The expectations put on us, and that we begin to put on our young girl selves, starts the moment we realize...we are girls.

I was reading Seventeen magazine at thirteen wondering how I would ever look like those young women. Of course, at that age, I knew nothing of "touching up" photos...or today, photo shop.

The dark cycle of it all sets in early. We women are marketed be different than who we are, as we are. If we were only skinnier, taller, had blonder (browner, redder, more "ombre,") hair, well, life would be just grand. 

The right foundation is what is most important! I mean, right? We begin swimming in a sea of images that make us feel, not right. We are not right the way we are...we need more glosses, blushes, long-lasting mascaras, perfumes, the "right" potions, "perfect" lotions and more Prada, Gucci, Guess to be okay.

It's the spirit.

Here, I present a new find. Sarah Dubbeldam started Darling as a blog in 2009. It became a quarterly printed magazine, with its first edition in 2012. Based out of California, Darling gets it right!

These are just some of the reasons I not just like, but LOVE Darling magazine:

·      They challenge cultural “ideals” of beauty and question their exaggerated importance.

·      They see beauty in every type of woman.

·      They believe in being “fit,” and see “thin” in context of the healthiest version of self.

·      They promote respect for women’s bodies in fashion and photography.

·      They never use Photoshop to alter women’s faces or bodies.

·      They feature clothing and products within a price range that an average income can afford.

·      They don't offer shallow advice to real-life issues. Instead, promote coping behaviors for helpful and lasting change.

Thank you Darling, for turning this medium on its ear, creating accountability...and helping champion future generations of girls into a world that is filled with much less "noise" and insecurity.

Totally Smitten.